Dhakshini is a 30-year-old boutique furniture store imagined by Sudha and Chandru. Dhakshini opened its doors to celebrate the unique design aesthetic of wood work from South India. Today, Dhakshini is led by their daughter Preetha Chandrasekaran, who brings together an eclectic mix of classic design, traditional artistry and antique finishes as solutions to a modern home. Thanks to her parents, Preetha nurtures the good old virtues of patience, quality and imagination over money and deadlines.

Dhakshini has always believed in the revival of old wood and preserving traditonal craftsmanship. This belief has been kept alive through the unwavering commitment to the second generation of the craftsman's family. The second generation of 4 families continue to breathe the love for their craft at Dhakshini, even today.